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Our qualified Service Team specializes in the Maintenance of your MBBR system. Our service team has been authorized and trained to perform service and new system installations, making sure they know every working part of the system. This coupled with the click+clean® Remote Control Panel ensures your system is maintained at the highest standards and looked after 24/7

BNA is the new Service Provider for click+clean® remote monitoring  


Bergmann North America Inc. (BNA) is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with WSB® clean wastewater treatment technology and the click+clean® control panels with remote monitoring.  


Please be advised that the previous contract for remote monitoring has expired with the former provider. In your case, it means that without an updated service agreement the click+clean® control panel within your WSB® system will no longer be monitored remotely, unless the contract is transferred to BNA.


To ensure that your WSB® clean system and click+clean® continue to be properly monitored and serviced, please ask us for an updated service agreement. If BNA is not contacted to arrange a new remote management contract as soon as possible, the SIM card will be deactivated, and remote monitoring will be disabled permanently requiring replacement hardware at additional cost.  


Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you request your former provider to provide permission to click+clean® to transfer the data of your system to BNA as the new service provider. Otherwise, there is a risk that the historic data may be deleted. Due to privacy laws, click+clean® is not allowed to access customer data without permission of the former provider.  


We are confident that our partnership with BNA will provide the high standard of service and results that you have come to expect from click+clean® and WSB®.