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Control Panels

iQ.CONTROLS™ control panels allow you to control your systems in an efficient and reliable manner. Monitor the status of your system from anywhere in the world. Connect, troubleshoot, deploy and solve potential issues before they occur. 

Circuit board control panel

Fully Customizable

Remote Monitoring

Data Logging

Programmable Outputs

Our system is fully customizable and scalable

iQ.CONTROLS™ panels allow you to control your systems in an efficient and reliable manner.


Monitor the status of your system from anywhere in the world. Connect, troubleshoot, deploy and solve potential issues before they occur. Receive email or text message alerts with relevant data to respond to any issues that arise.


Our goal is to provide peace of mind knowing that your assets are being protected, looked after and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

All of the iQ.CONTROLS™ panels come standard with Current Monitoring for each output, Fuse detection, Power outage alarms, High Level alarms, Override events, and customizable notifications based on your needs.

Our system is fully customizable and scalable, anywhere from a Simplex, Duplex, Triplex outputs and redundancies, to Fully commercial applications needing up to 200+ Outputs. A variety of inputs allow the automation of processes to create plants that will work at optimal performance and decrease the amount of maintenance needed.

  1. Fault is detected internally by the control panel.

  2. Buzzer and Lights go off to notify clients on-site that there is an issue.

  3. The control panel sends a message through a cell connection to our web server that there is a fault, along with all the details.

  4. The message gets instantly sent to people that have been assigned as administrators/users in case of fault through email/text.

  5. As soon as the issue/fault has been cleared, the client gets a notification to notify that it has been resolved.

How iQ.CONTROLS™ Works

24 / 7 Remote Notifications

Know if there are any issues with your system with instant notifications to your email or phone. The control panel tracks output and inputs status set by the user and send alarms accordingly. Peace of mind when you are away from home or your business.

Determining the alarm of your system is the first step to take action on-site and save time. Multiple users are able to be set up to receive notifications

Individual Outputs Fully Programmable

Outputs are software programmable according to your needs. Set your operating mode, the minimum and maximum current thresholds, your control inputs, alarms, overrides and Duplex or Triplex set ups. If at some point your operation needs to change, simply log in to the panel from anywhere in the world, plug in via USB or access the control menu on the face plate of the panel.

Modular Design to Fit Your Needs

Each control panel is custom built to suit your needs. Select the number of outputs needed, the number of inputs and the type of loads your system needs. The control system allows up to of 8 outputs per control panel.


Select the output/input module needed for your equipment:

  • 1-20A - Single-Phase 20A output

  • 2-10A - Single Phase 10A outputs (2 outputs per module)

  • Dry Contact - Normally Open, Normally closed Dry contact output

  • 3-20A - Three-Phase 20A output

  • Input Module - Allows the addition of 8 more inputs to the panel

Current Sense on Each Output

Monitor current on each individual output.

Most output modules come with a current sensor built in so you can start tracking the minimum and maximum currents out of the box with no modifications needed. If you prefer, or need to track the current through external current sensors you can do that as well.

As soon as the current exceed or goes below the threshold set by the user, the output will shutoff automatically, the external beacon and buzzer will go off to notify of the fault. Remote notification will also go out if the system has been fitted for that.

If the output is setup in Duplex or Triplex slave mode the other outputs will pick up the cycles until the error has been fixed/acknowledged.


Each control panel comes standard with 4 inputs. All 4 inputs are capable of accepting Digital Inputs (Floats, switches), 2 inputs capable of receiving Analog Signals (4-20mA, Level Transducers, DO sensors, Temperature Sensors), 2 inputs capable of receiving Pulse Inputs (Flow Meters)

The additional Input Module allows for an additional 8 inputs.

Digital   |   Analog   |   Pulse

Data Logging

Take advantage of our state of the art WebViewer. WebViewer is a Hub for all the control panel measurements that are set by the user.

It automatically connects remotely to the control panel by set intervals and downloads the operating times for your most critical outputs. Simply log in to your customized Hub and have access to all the data points that the panel has taken. Easily calculate Flows, daily, monthly or yearly for your sites and chart it out. The data points are permanently stored in the server for your convenience. 

WebViewer also tracks alarm history and maintenance reports for all of your systems.

Cellular connection is needed for this function to work. Otherwise, the control panel can store up to 10,000 data points internally.

24 / 7 Peace of Mind

Efficient and Reliable

  • Real-time messages from the system

  • Time- and location-independent adaptation of operating parameters

  • Integrated data logger for operating parameters and event messages

  • Optional system visualization to display modules, measuring points and the values recorded at those points

  • "Live” function for direct system operation

  • Enhanced operating stability thanks to permanent self-monitoring of the system

  • Increased reliability through improved tracking of operating processes and early intervention should any unusual events be detected

  • Remote diagnosis for all electrical functions

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