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Motorola Programing Software Download mareidd




SMS/MMS can't create a session Are you using the application "motorola player" Get a new phone. ** How do I install an "SD Card" on a my LG droid? ** The LG Droid should already have a SD card. It is already formatted to work with that phone. How do I turn on the phone if it is not on? Make sure your phone is turned off. How do I reset the settings on the phone if it is locked? When the screen is locked, the numbers for setting the phone up are shown on the screen. They are: 1. _Reset_ (bottom left of the screen). 2. _Network_ (top right of the screen). 3. _Settings_ (center of the screen). ** I want to send a text message from my LG phone but the "Send" is missing? ** Make sure you have the correct phone number and that you have the correct permissions set in your phone. This could mean you are at work and have permissions to make outgoing calls, but at home you do not. You may have to check your phone with the carriers. ** I'm trying to set up a VZW LG phone on a Comcast account? ** VZW phones will need to be set up for a home broadband network using a wifi router. This requires an internet browser. Check with the phone and VZW to see if this is required. The VZW phones are locked by default to VZW and any SIM cards not issued by VZW cannot be used on these phones. The VZW phones can be used for free on all GSM carriers when used with SIM cards issued by the carrier. The only requirement for the VZW phone to be activated is for the SIM card to be from a carrier which offers an activation fee. VZW does not offer activation on the Motorola phones. ** How do I cancel my "Motrola and Verizon contract"? ** To cancel the contract you will need to have canceled all services on the LG Droid. You should have already set your new service up when you got the phone. When you cancel service on the LG Droid, it will cancel the "Motrola" contract. You will still have to cancel the services on the new




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Motorola Programing Software Download mareidd

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