Small pipe – big problem!

The winter has taken control over the country. Record negative temperatures and wind chills are the breaking news on TV.

This kind of weather is affecting all of our infrastructure. In our world, the owners and operators of wastewater treatment plants must worry about damage to their systems. A small frozen and broken pipe can become a massive problem.

When the ice thaws, the wastewater can damage electrical equipment like blowers, pumps, controls and can cause uncontrollable spill of contaminated water onto the house/property. High repair costs, the closing of a restaurant for repair, problems with the environmental regulator, etc. would create massive financial damage.

By using our click+clean® smart remote monitoring these costs and this trouble can be prevented. Due to immediate notification of any problem with the wastewater treatment plants, we can start communicating with clients right away and solve a frozen pipe problem before it causes more severe damage.

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