Gulliver’s Lake - all age RV Resort and Campround gets an advanced wastewater system!

Gulliver’s Lake is a seasonal RV Resort and one of the top campgrounds in southern Ontario. A true natural wonder with an 14-acre lake is fed by artesian wells. The park features over 200 sites and is staffed year-round by professional managers. In December 2018, we were able to install a WSB® wastewater treatment system designed for 50m³ per day and an effluent quality of CBOD5 < 10mg/L and TSS < 10mg/L. Combined with the click+clean® control panel and remote monitoring we are ensuring 24/7 peace of mind for the property owners. We would like to thank Sun RV Resorts, Gunnell Engineering Ltd., Lodder Brothers Ltd., Newmarket Precast and Porter's Concrete for working on this project with us. Learn more about us and our projects visiting our website #wastewater #greentech #onsiteproud #wsbclean #clickandclean #iot #remotecontrol #camping #campground #ontariowater

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